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Police State Rising

November 2017
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This is a new section where my articles on this subject will be congregated for easier access. Unfortunately, this section is necessary because in recent years American citizens all over the country are suffering from unreasonable and unconstitutional invasions of their rights to privacy, confiscation of property without warrant or even unlawful, indefinite detention. Though we all understand and want to cooperate in efforts to combat terrorism, such excuses are often not the case when the government takes over and ignores the Constitution.  

Why are those who were so quick to criticize the George Bush administration, silent about what has been going on with the show of unconstitutional violations under the Obama administration?  Are they blind to the rise in tyranny as Barack Obama presses his foot on the accelerator of this great auto engine and directs our Republic towards a cliff, not just financially but constitutionally? We must remember who we are!  We must not allow ourselves to become collective drones! We must not allow tyrants to redefine us on their terms to please a global agenda!  We are a free people or we will be a dead people.  



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