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People To Be Warned About

June 2018
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This section is for people that I feel compelled to give a shout out about only because they cannot be ignored. Some individuals on this list may be dedicated to a cause that threatens our liberties by creating social division for a nefarious agenda.  Others may impact our lives by ridiculing or attempting to silence anyone they disagree with. Then there are those whose contribution so far has been to lower the standards of a civil society with actions and arguments that we wish they would just keep to themselves but insist on spewing on others. Please understand that to get on this list, an individual has worked hard to be obnoxious or is a serious threat, not just to the values of conservative Americans who cherish the U.S. Constitution and the Judeo-Christian heritage of the West, though sometimes that will be the case, but to humanity as well. We all make mistakes, and if people change their direction, I will be happy to take them off this list, but until then beware!  Of course, I leave room for any respectful and intelligent argument that you may want to present in their defense.

Though I do have some individuals in mind, at this time none of them are listed here.  So for now I invite you to visit my – People I Like section.

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