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on whiteAloha, My name is Allegra and no, my last name is not Goodman. I live in Honolulu and I believe in small government and personal responsibility. Yet, we live in a dynamic world that is always changing, so we must not be afraid of new ideas. However, not all ideas are really new, nor are they virtuous and beneficial for our political, cultural and spiritual well-being.  New ideas should always be scrutinized and challenged.  In doing so we can reevaluate who and where we are, as well as where we want to be.  I write articles of subject matter that may or may not be in demand at the time, because if a particular topic bothers me I want to attack it and get to the bottom line of the issue.

However, on occasion I also repost articles from other writers so that their outstanding work can get more mileage. Information and insight that we are not getting from the Mainstream News Media (MSM) goes far beyond disappointment. Many of those who work for the news networks today filter their stories through a left wing propaganda machine. To fight back and get more out of life we must not be complacent, we must fight, we must be informed and pass on the information.  How much sweeter it is to give and receive great stories and important news from a real person and not the robotic, government approved Associated Press!

A Little Hawaiian Music For Your Day!

Like you, I am just a traveler in this fascinating world and I have found that writing greatly enhances the journey. If you like my articles, you are welcome to repost them but please credit me as LibertyGrace with a link back to the article on my website.  Also please be aware that from time to time I review my articles for typos and check to see if my source links are still valid.  If I find new credible information that can shed light on a topic, then I will update the facts. Therefore, I suggest that after the first 100 words or so it might be a good idea to just link the article back to my site. 

2013 was my first year for and it has been a real learning experience about the world of blogging.  In the coming year I intend to provide more information about ways in which my readers can become more self reliant and connect with other like minded individuals and small communities that are in agreement with this view. Our nation is in serious trouble and it is important to know what is going on. In the last five years our overall national standard of living has been greatly reduced. Yet, I argue that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Ok, so young people may not want to live with their parents until they are 30, but we have a chance to cut out all the waste in our lives.  Often it is only when we are forced to consider new options that we find “gold in them thar hills.” It is always good to need less and appreciate more the little things anyway.

Some changes that you will find on my site this year will be new and exciting stores added to my Shopping section, as well as a few well placed ads. Never will you find an annoying pop-up that demands your email address or forces you to watch a commercial that you really don’t care about anyway. However, as I would like to travel in the future to do first hand investigation and riveting interviews with people that you will enjoy hearing from, revenue is important for me too. Therefore, instead of a donate button I prefer to offer lovely opportunities to meander through my new online boutiques and consider a few of the selected banner ads that I will strategically place with careful consideration of the products chosen. I look forward to meeting you here on a regular basis in 2014.

Just a few of the things that I like are:

  • Horses, though I don’t own one, but wish I didAn Aloha Day
  • The United States Constitution
  • Great Wines
  • A Free and Strong Economy
  • I am a strong supporter of Israel
  • Literature
  • Review of various news networks and magazines
  • Dark and stormy days because they are so rare in Hawaii
  • Talk Radio – Conservative, Libertarian, Liberal and Progressive
  • Gardens 
  • Coffee Shops
  • Ethical Research
  • Natural Medicine
  • The Bible and Jesus Christ – Ok, I am no role model for Christian virtue but then I have no plans to campaign for public office. 
  • I like mass transit but still want the option to travel independently.  Freedom of the road!
  • Freedom of Speech and I intend to use it!

Some of the things that I don’t like are

  • Hollywood 
  • Barack Obama is not a Constitutionally legitimate President. In fact, I have serious doubts about his citizenship status altogether and he can shove his Obamacare up the White House chimney!  There I said it!
  • Collectivism, other names for this ideology are Communism, Marxism, Globalism and Fascism (yes Fascism is far Left, not Right)
  • Fame
  • Television
  • The United Nations
  • Arrogant Academics – example, Nathan Allen

climber on sansetIn addition to information and commentary, I will present ideas that can serve to advance opportunities for freedom and independence. Whenever I come across anything that I think will benefit my readers, I will check it out and make it available to you.




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