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Ben Carson Attacks Politically Correct Restraints on Freedom of Speech

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April 2014
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We are not each other’s enemies. Our enemies are those people who are trying to divide us up. Dr. Ben Carson, Town Hall Meeting, West Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson is a leading voice in the charge against bullies of politically correct (PC) speech and thought.  PC is a tactic often used to silence political dissent and move individuals into the desired corrals of social construct set in place by the self sanctified moral elite.  Politically correct speech finds a natural home in the political arena; After all, a politician, like any good attorney must choose his/her words wisely. Yet, there is a big difference between a regular politician and one that is gifted. A gifted politician knows how to effectively warn others about ideological dangers that have crept into the culture and leads them into respectful, intelligent and constructive discourse. A gifted politician is also a gifted leader.  The people have a right to know what is really going on and a free people have a right to choose their course. A gifted leader respects this fact and as an effective politician knows how to make clear that difference for their benefit.

Controversial issues can only be wisely solved when clearly understood and respectfully discussed. Therefore, a gifted politician is not only good with words, but with noble actions. Such an individual understands the nature of leadership through personal experience of what it takes to follow. A true leader, regardless of political savvy is not motivated by personal gain, but for the welfare of the people.  A gifted political leader shines with little effort to his/her constituents and has earned respect from adversaries. Such a politician does not manufacture a past and can easily display a proven record of achievement. A gifted leader rarely, if ever needs a teleprompter to address the people, because his/her concerns are from the heart and with the people. Such an individual is quick to identify the nature of a problem and does not blame others for their failures. A gifted leader is dynamic, uncomplicated and humble, yet inspires others to achieve great things. Finally, a gifted leader responds when his/her people cry out for help, takes responsibility and at least tries to send rescue.

Listen up, Barack Obama!!

Much like a general on the battlefield, or a doctor to a patient with a serious medical condition, a true leader is not afraid to speak boldly, even if a few ears are offended, because no matter how hard anyone tries, someone is always offended. Benjamin Carson does have an easy way about him but in his youth was known to have a terrible temper. How he overcame that character flaw is an interesting facet of his personal story, of which a film was made. Carson soared to national attention at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast and openly stated that

Political correctness is dangerous.

In an article he wrote for The Washington Times and published on 18 March 2014, Dr. Carson further elaborates that,

PC ensures conformity to the prescribed expressions and lifestyles dictated by the elites.

Some well-known radicals have publicly written and stated that in order for their idea of a utopian, egalitarian society to emerge in the United States, the government must control health care, which ensures the dependency of the populace on government. Historical analysis of many countries that have gone this route demonstrates the obliteration of the middle class and a massive expansion of the poor, dependent class with a relatively small number of elites in control.

Two groups of people are working to fundamentally transform this nation into something unrecognizable. Since they cannot win an arguement through intelligent debate, Carson identifies these individuals as those who demonize anyone who tries to expose their agenda, and those who march in lockstep, because,

they have no idea that they are being used. 

Dr. Carson calls out major allies in the imposition of PC as members of the media, some of whom thrive on controversy while others are true ideologues.  

The true believers would be amusing if it were not so sad to behold them dissecting, distorting and repeating words in an attempt to divert attention from the rise of government control. 

When Dr. Carson “tells it like it is” his manner is gentle but firm, he does not back down from his prognosis that, 

It is time in America for the people to open their eyes to what is happening all around them as our nation undergoes radical changes without so much as a conversation out of fear of being called a name, of facing economically adverse actions or of enduring government harassment, characterized by the perpetrators as “phony scandals.” 

Like most of us who also understand the danger of PC policies that are infecting our culture, Carson views political correctness as, antithetical to our founding principles of freedom of speech, as well as expression and that it must be vigorously opposed.

The American people must learn to identify and ignore political correctness if we are to escape the bitter ideological grenades that are destroying our unity and strength. Political correctness is impotent if we the people are fearless. Let us emphasize intelligent discussion of issues and leave the smear campaigns to those with no constructive ideas. 

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Do I think that Benjamin Carson is presidential material, absolutely! Yet, others out there also deserve serious consideration, should any of them decide to make a run for the White House. That Carson is stepping into the minefield of collectivist tactics does set him apart.  So  even if he does not care to serve as President of the United States, we should expect to see him in some position of authority in the near future.

Political correctness retards critical thinking and facilitates ‘group think,’ a collectivist value that leads not just to conformity but to submission.

Audio Clip: 03-19-14 12b Ben Carson with Andy Parks

12:21-12:30 Dr. Ben Carson on Andy Parks Live From The Washington Times – CARSON: Political correctness and the slavery of Obamacare

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Now for a little treat!!

The Man With Gifted Hands Will Be A Gifted Leader!!!

If you want to know more about Dr. Ben Carson, I highly recommend this very informative and entertaining  movie, “Gifted Hands.”  

Dr. Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 18, 1951. His mother, though under educated herself, pushed her sons to read and to believe in themselves. Carson went from being a poor student to receiving honors and he eventually attended medical school. As a doctor, he became the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33, and became famous for his ground-breaking work separating conjoined twins.

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