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Alabama Supreme Court Finally Rules “No Opinion” On Obama Eligibility Case

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March 2014
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Why are the American people denied the truth about Barack Obama? Why are so many people afraid to openly ask questions? Is it because too many of us can’t handle the truth, or is it because we just don’t want to know?


Larry Klayman, March 25, 2014 – Freedom Outpost

In today’s legal world, where few judges have the courage to do what needs to be done to restore the nation to justice, there comes a few rays of light. As someone who has fought the legal and government establishment for decades (see my autobiography, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment“), many incorrectly see me as cynical and jaded when it comes to our public servants. Actually, the reverse is true: If I were not an optimist, I would not be doing what I do, which is to fight this establishment tooth and nail and not give up on our mission for a country that truly is free and, as Founding Father John Adams hoped, would be a nation of laws and not men.

That we have sadly become a nation of men and not of laws is best seen in the context of the legal challenges to the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be president of the United States. Clearly, even if Obama were born in Hawaii and not Kenya to an anti-American, Muslim, anti-Semitic father – and his being born in the United States is doubtful given all that we know (see “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?“) – He is not a natural born citizen – that is born to two citizen parents – as required by the U.S. Constitution.

Over the last five years, many court challenges have been filed concerning Obama’s eligibility. Indeed, I have filed three in Florida and one in Alabama. In every instance, and I am not just referencing the cases that I filed, these court challenges have been dismissed. (They are currently on appeal.) But what is more troubling than the dismissals is that the judges presiding over these cases have generally refused to even explain the reasons for their dismissals. Apparently, they are so afraid of taking on this issue that they don’t want to go on record for their actions. That is because these dismissals are not legally justified.

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Have your morning coffee in our little butterfly cup. Please visit my Liberty & Grace General Store for more great delights!

To challenge a black president’s qualifications is to be branded a racist. Obama and his minions know this well and have milked his race at every turn to guilt white America, including its judges, into acquiescing to his continued destructive leadership bent on turning the country into not only a socialist pro-Muslim state, but one which is second rate in the world. And, to this end, Obama has succeeded. Today, our economy remains in shambles and Putin’s Russia is now the real superpower, having just seized a chunk of Ukraine – with more Hitleresque conquests on the horizon. As America’s power shrinks under Obama, Putin is bent on reconstituting the former communist empire of the Soviet Union. Thus, the stakes to remove this anti-American, pro-Muslim and anti-Judeo Christian president continue to rise.

Last Friday, one of the few great judges in this land, Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court – the jurist who was first impeached for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and then overwhelmingly elected by the people of the state to be their chief justice – had the courage to write a compelling dissenting opinion validating our challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be president. While seven of his nine fellow justices took the easy way out, perhaps to show that Alabama is no longer the state once governed by George Wallace and rejected my ballot challenge, Chief Justice Moore without political correctness and without the disingenuous and cowardly sensitivity to Obama’s race, told it like it is. He ruled that Alabama did have a legal duty to verify that candidates for the presidency are eligible to serve as natural born citizens if elected.  Click here to see all decisions, including that of Judge Roy Moore. 

Furthermore, I believe the circuit court should have granted the petition for a writ of mandamus to order the Secretary of State to investigate the qualifications of those candidates who appeared on the 2012 general-election ballot for President of the United States, a duty that existed at the time this petition was filed and the object of the relief requested. Although the removal of a President-elect or a President who has taken the oath of office is within the breast of Congress, the determination of the eligibility of the 2012 presidential candidates before casting of its electoral votes is a state function.

This matter is of great constitutional significance in regard to the highest office in our land. Should he who was elected to the presidency be determined to be ineligible, the remedy of impeachment is available through the United States Congress, and the plaintiffs in this case, McInnish and Goode, can pursue this remedy through their representatives in Congress. 

For the above-stated reasons, I dissent from this Court’s decision to affirm the judgment of the circuit court dismissing this action on the motion of the Secretary of State. Judge Roy Moore


Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series “West Wing” created a character after him: Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch. Larry speaks four languages—English, French, Italian, and Spanish—and is an international lawyer, among his many areas of legal expertise and practice. Larry has been credited as being the inspiration for the Tea Party movement.

Interview With Mike Zullo About Case

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So let’s get this straight, when a private business owner or manager authorized to hire an individual does so, he or she is required to demand valid documentation of identity and proof of eligibility to work in the United States from that new employee within three days, but the President of the United States does not have to comply? 

It is against the law for any employer to knowingly hire employees who are not authorized to work in the United States. As part of the employment eligibility verification process, on the first day of employment, employees must provide proof that they are U.S. citizens or nationals, lawful permanent residents, or people otherwise authorized to be employed in the United States. 

First required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986, the I-9 Form verifies the eligibility of an employee to work legally in the United States. Employers are required to verify this employment eligibility for every employee hired. Employers who fail to obtain the appropriate documentation from new employees can be fined penalties in an amount of not less than $110 and not more than $1,100 for each violation per I-9 employment verification form they failed to fill out and maintain. 

The I-9 Form must be completed for every new employee, regardless of their national origin or whether or not the employee is a U.S. citizen. Under IRCA, if an employer fails to verify the identity and employment authorization of a new employee, by completing the I-9 Form, the employer has violated federal immigration law. Susan M. Heathfield, Human Resources expert

How can a court proclaim “no opinion” on a case brought before it? Just like any other employee, Barack Obama was hired by enough of the American people to retain his thrown in the White House. Yet, seven out of nine justices of the Alabama Supreme Court, decided that they could not rule on the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States? What good is a court that cannot or will not resolve legal issues?  The seven justices that ‘opted out’ then tossed the matter back to the Secretary of State and legislators.    

Constitutional authority gives our courts the power to rule on legal complaints that offend our laws. If an employer hires someone and then fails to determined if that individual has a legal right to work in this country, he or she is fined and could possibly go to jail, but a questionable president gets a free pass? Who will accept the challenge that Barack Obama’s dubious identity presents to the health and welfare of our nation, as well as the entire West? I have no doubt that these same judges would find no difficulty applying the law to an ordinary citizen, but then Barack Obama is no ordinary citizen, is he!

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The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

Douglas J. Hagmann – 5 Dec. 2013

So far, the press has ignored the October 18, 2013 filing of two affidavits, one public and the other sealed, that identify 20 points of forgery on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Douglas Vogt, an author and the owner and operator of a scanning business who also has an accounting background, invested over two years conducting an investigation into the authenticity of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth. Mr. Vogt, along with veteran typesetter Paul Ivey, conducted exhaustive research of the document provided to the White House Press Corps on April 27, 2011 – not the online PDF, a critical distinction that must be understood.

Using their combined experience of 80 years in this realm, they conducted extensive examinations of the “copy” that was used as the basis for the PDF document. They acquired the same type of equipment that was used back in the late 1950s and early 1960s in an attempt to recreate the document presented as an “authenticated copy” proving the legitimacy of Barack Obama. Instead, they found 20 points of forgery on that document and detail each point of forgery in the affidavit.

Even more interesting, Mr. Vogt claims to have identified the “signature” of the perpetrator, or the woman who created the forged document, hidden within the document itself. Her identity, in addition to the identity of other conspirators and their precise methods are contained in a sealed document supplementing the public affidavit. 

For critical insight into the people behind the forgery, their methods, and more importantly, their mistakes, please listen to the audio here.

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In reference to the Alabama Supreme Court ruling. just as I cautioned in my earlier article Barack Obama The Illegal President,

To hope for the best but prepare for the worst. 

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A food container with a lovely reminder that we are loved and free. Visit my Liberty Grace General Store for more sweet ideas for you or as a gift for someone you care about.

So we still live in limbo. I now appeal to all trained law enforcement and legal experts in the wonderful state of Hawaii who are aware of what has been going on and care. I know it is difficult to speak out. but you are not alone.  Seek out other like minded individuals, make a stand and work with Sheriff Arpaio. Barack Obama is a fraud!  He is destroying this nation and unless some brave souls have the guts to get to the bottom of what is happening, the situation will continue to get worse.

Hawaii, this man is using us! Lovely islands blessed, Barack Obama is trashing Hawaii among the other states who feel the pain of his policies, because through us he was validated!  As Commander in Chief, he sucks and our men and women in uniform know it, but they must remain silent! If ordered to do so, they would die for him and many already have.  Fellow citizens of the Aloha State, we have a right to be outraged!

If this man is not even a United States citizen, then we have been overthrown!  

Wake Up!

Hawaii is not just seen as the 50th state. As a result of it’s geography. Hawaii grabs the attention of the world in her own right!  Other nations are not blind, they can see that something is very wrong with this president. For those who desire global Marxism, Obama is a godsend, but for those of us who cherish liberty, respect and rights of the individual, Barack Obama must be exposed!

Will no one in Hawaii open the can of worms about Barack Obama’s birth and identity mystery? All of his records must be unsealed, not just those from Honolulu. The American people have a right to know more about Barry Soetaro!  

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Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono

The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

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I am interested in what you have to say, but only comments that are relevant to the article and those that I think would be interesting to other readers will be posted. Anything you wish to say that is personal in nature, please visit my Facebook Page – Liberty Grace Humanity – or contact me at:

Much Aloha!



  1. Samy says:

    Possibilities exist that multiple names or alisaes were used, and there might be a cemetery headstone with a certain name, and that person had a social security number assigned to them some decades previous. Possibilities exist that foreign travel documents indicate non-US citizen, was written and signature may bear resemblance to certain a person in question. Possibilities also exist of forgery of an Official document, being a Birth Certificate, and also Perjury and Falsifying Official Records committed by other persons at the order of certain parties. A few other things like listing religion as Muslim; listing political affiliations as Communist. All of this is at the moment hearsay, conjecture, and speculation, that may need a Court to have a closer look at things.Personally, if he got tossed out of Office right now, the damage is already done but, it’s never too late as the Courts see things, to right a wrong, or indict and if convicted, imprison a few guilty parties, if so.I would simply like to know the Truth, at this point. Others, may have different reasons, be they accurate, or not. It will conclusively lay to rest many questions that are always ducked. It might even mean things like Fast & Furious, and Benghazi, cannot be lawfully, covered up, but then again, I always thought that cover ups, were unlawful, to begin with. Integrity issues at stake with the court proceeding.

    • LibertyGrace says:

      Thank you for a great and informative comment Samy. Of course Fast & Furious and Benghazi cannot be “legally” covered up. Yet, by the time Congress gets to the truth about Benghazi, Barack Obama will be out of office. Even then I will not stop pushing for his credentials. It appears that this nation is suffering from a serious infestation of Marxist maggots, because many of us have been asleep on deck as their many multifaceted initiatives have slowly guided this ‘Ship of State’ onto the rocks. Obama has been the wake up call for many of us. I should have seen these problems years ago, but like so many others, I was just concerned about my own affairs.

      Having said that, please let me be clear, I believe that people have a right to Marxist views just like any other ideology or religion, I believe in freedom of thought. However, they do not have the right to break the law and subvert the United States Constitution so that an amateur, a puppet, a fraud, a joker, a foreign agent can be planted into the White House. They do not have the right to force us to accept Obamacare and they do not have the right to waste our tax dollars, dumb down our children and sell us out to the Chinese!

      Much Aloha!

  2. May I have your consent to blog this on twitter?

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