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UPDATE – Congress Investigates Deadly SEAL Team 6 Chopper Crash

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July 2013
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Though no date has been set, the House Oversight Committee plans to conduct a hearing in early 2014 on what went wrong with the Seal Team 6 disaster of August 2011, in Afghanistan. This hearing as initiated by Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), will hopefully reveal what really happened and who is responsible for betraying the brave men of SEAL Team 6.  In addition, why facts that family members later uncovered continue to be denied by the Pentagon and the Obama administration.  This case stinks all the way up the chain of command, but will they stick to Obama, because after all, he is the Commander in Chief?  

Like Benghazi much is wrong here and we must get to the bottom of the matter.  Sheer incompetence?  Too much evidence points to deliberate forethought for that excuse, we must push for answers.  If you are concerned and all Americans should be, then add your voice and let Congress sink their teeth into yet one more investigation concerning this sorry presidential administration.

If our service members cannot trust their commanding officers to care about their welfare enough to equip them with proper gear for an extremely dangerous mission, then how can we, the American people, trust our government?  Make no mistake, this kind of outrageous incompetence or worse, sinister design, can only have been emplemented from the very top. That untrustworthy officials at the highest levels of the Afghan government may be responsible for this slaughter is very possible, hut what about our own top brass. With a Commander in Chief whose credibility is already in serious question and for some of us a ‘no brainer,’ all malice flows from there. Such a suicide mission is unjustified when it is set up to fail, because the enemy has been given all the advantage. 


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