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Barack Obama, The Mystery President and Dereliction of the Press – Update

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May 2013
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Dereliction of duty by the American Press to investigate and challenge Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility, his citizenship status and his resume of credentials to serve as President of the United States. 

Why did the Press fail to investigate and report about the controversial issues that surrounded Barack Obama before he was elected President of the United States in 2008? Why do they continue to mock and besmirch those who seek answers to the identity of a president whose claims of American birthright and citizenship status are not backed up with any credible evidence of support? In fact, a claim to his birth in Kenya has more merit then the one in Hawaii.  So many contradictions stick to the Obama lifeline narrative that if he were less ambitious, many doubt that he would even be able to get a job at Costco.  As for a security clearance, no way, not with any responsible private firm, but hey, we are talking about the ‘Big Time’ here, where politics and business merge for power and a news media that may be more corrupt than both!

The liberties of the people never were, nor ever will be secure, when the transactions of their rulers are concealed from them. Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

In 2008, Senator Obama (D IL) was elected to the office of President of the United States. Yet, outside of an inspiring speech to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in 2004, few Americans had ever heard of him. To launch a career in politics and run for a Senate seat in Illinois he published  an autobiography Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance in 1995, but it was the Presidential election of 2008 that grabbed national attention and caused the book to fly off the shelves.

That aspiring politicians introduce themselves to the public through such means is not uncommon, but it is always the details missing or fancied that make the candidate more interesting and that is what we count on members of the news media to provide.  With Herman Cain they certainly came through, but with Barack Obama they absolutely refused to do their duty. Why is this observation important?  It is important because many times the issue of race was quick ammunition used against anyone who dared to questioned Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility or qualifications to serve as president.  Yet, Herman Cain who has more African American blood than Barack Obama whose mother was white, was never defended by the mainstream news media (MSM) in this manner, nor should he have been, even Cain would have objected to that.  So why was it Ok for the Press to shoot down Obama’s critics with such an unwarranted assault and not use it for Cain?  The answer is obvious, Herman Cain is a Conservative Republican and Obama a Progressive/Marxist Democrat, so it is easy to see why the MSM would direct their attentions as they did.  Is it any wonder why so much of the news media is no longer trusted by many Americans today? They have certainly earned a reputation for being agents of propaganda for the Democratic Party.  Have we become Venezuela?

Today is 13 January 2014, and this is an update to a story that I originally posted on 8 May 2013.  Every now and then I review my articles to check for typos, broken links or to update information. As a result of this exercise, I discovered that some of my original source links no longer exist. How inconvenient! The weakness of digital evidence is that it can disappear unless a screen shot is taken, I must keep that in mind for the future.  

The Obama birth and citizenship identity will not go away just because some people are comfortable as mindless drones and think that the rest of us should be satisfied with that outlook as well. However, I do not want to be unfair to anyone, not even a president whose policies and actions alone are reason enough to raise dissent, but the idea of a foreigner in the White House cannot, nor should it be, dismissed by intelligent and responsible adults. People who try to marginalize or silence those of us who raise legitimate questions about the Obama myth, work to destroy this nation. Their failure to even care about such undisputed facts as childhood name change and citizenship status under an Indonesian step father with no documentation  of current update are revealing.  Do they really care or is this just a group of ideologues whose values are in alignment with those who advocate that “The ends justify the means?”  The rights and responsibilities of a legal name are important to all of us, how much more to a sitting president!

It is the job of the news media to investigate and enlighten the American people about ambitious contenders to the White House or any other public office in a “fair and balanced” way, at least that is what we are taught to expect from them. Yet, how far we have fallen or should I say, been let down, when we are only informed by a favored candidate’s marketing campaign. Barack Obama is not just a Democrat, he is much more, but what? Those like Orly Taitz, Philip J. Berg, and many others continue to challenge his birth and identity claims because much about this man does not add up.  One of the new alternative news sites that has been on this story like a hound dog sniffing out a particular beloved old bone in a grave yard is World Net Daily (WND), they will not give up until they find it because “the truth is out there” it certainly is not in Washington D.C.! 

In five years the lack of transparency of the Obama administration has always been accompanied by the President’s never ending denials of knowledge when it comes to wrong doing. In addition, numerous scandals, expose a ‘character’ rather than a man of ‘character’. Obama’s unconstitutional actions are unprecedented, see the various Articles of Impeachment pages in my Library Section. I list several choices from different authors because some have a bigger list than others, but you get the idea.  Just imagine how all of this could have been avoided if the news networks had just done their jobs in the first place by digging into this man’s  background, which would have forced Congress and the Supreme Court to do their jobs and defend the Constitution. Well, too late now, history is being written and if we survive the Obama experience as a Constitutional Republic, it will not be without much more pain for us and most likely for the entire world.

When it comes to Barack Obama we still know very little about the man.  To ask questions of an embarrassing nature, in other words, questions that stray from his authorized (auto?/biographies – Bill Ayers has alluded to being the author of  Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance) is to invite ridicule and character assassination.  Of course people who become bigger threats might get an “offer that they cannot refuse.”  In an interview with Jerome R. Corsi of WND, Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano made some pretty serious charges against the Obama campaign in the 2008 election. According to Viviano, the Obama campaign was a dangerous and insidious affair. Furthermore, she revealed that a number of the Democrats she interviewed for a documentary project refused to appear on camera, because they feared for their lives and property.

Even celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, complained that she was not allowed to speak to her fellow California delegates at a meeting earlier in the day and that the California delegates for Hillary Clinton in attendance “were not permitted” to meet with one another.  She said she wore a gag at the meeting to demonstrate that she and the Hillary contingent had been effectively silenced. 27 Aug. 2008, John Tomasic, Huffington Post

Others with even more knowledge of the 2008 election are also speaking out. In another interview with Corsi, Michele Thomas, a professional photographer in Hollywood, spoke of bullying and intimidation tactics that she experienced for failing to go along with the Obama program.

I have received death threats from Obama’s people. I think I was called a ‘racist’ a thousand times. If you didn’t stand for Obama, you were a racist. It was a way to intimidate you. The Obama campaign people were stealing the caucuses – throwing away votes, intimidating people from entering the caucus locations. It was very systematic. The Obama supporters got control over the caucus packages and they manipulated the vote. Everyone knew the Obama people were stealing the election. Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee at time, and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi changed the rules in Obama’s favor as the primaries went on.  The leadership of the Democratic Party were not going to let Hillary win the nomination; it didn’t matter what Democratic voters wanted. 4 April 2012, Jerome Corsi, WND 

This video is a must see!


The murder of Bill Gwatney is a very disturbing mystery. Timothy Dale Johnson had just (been fired/quit?) his job at a Target store after being questioned about some graffiti on a wall, so he took his wrath out on Bill Gwatney? If this was an issue of rage against an innocent man, why search for Gwatney, when he could have easily shot people at the store where he had worked, or anyone in his path for that matter? No connection to the Gwatney’s was ever uncovered in any subsequent investigations, so why did he inflict his anger, if that is what it was, on Bill Gwatney? 21 August 2008, USA Today reported that days later Gwatney’s widow, Rebecca Gwatney (asked?) to fill the vacancy left in the state’s delegation when her husband was slain, like mourning the loss of her spouse could be side lined for Obama’s sake? None of this makes any sense, but coercion certainly does!  Was Rebecca Gwatney afraid for her life too? In the video where she is pledging Arkansas stolen delegates to Barack Obama, some people have commented that fear is noticeable on her face, but we don’t know for sure because she isn’t talking. Like an unexpected comet, Barack Obama shot out of the sky and with no real record of achievement was elected President of the United States (POTUS) in 2008.

Now we know what happened!

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I have lived in Honolulu  for thirty years and though I did not vote for him, I never doubted Barack  Obama’s citizenship and right to run for presidential office, until recently.  It is his amateurish economic policies, habit of shirking responsibility, clueless foreign policy initiatives, lack of accountability (press conferences), handling of national security and dangerous imperative to expand government authority that can really get me going, but I don’t know who he really is, does anyone? Those of us who question his leadership, see a disconnect of common core values and a disdain for a heritage that we cherish and will fight to preserve.  It is with this uncertainty and a Press quick to shoot down anyone who dares to question the issue of Obama’s identity that has urged me to take a look at the controversy. What is so wrong with wanting to know more about the man who supposedly represents us?  I took the ‘red pill’ not because my political views have always been on the center right conservative side and generally vote for Republican candidates (though I do admit Libertarians and the Tea Party are looking better every day) but because I really wanted to know if the Matrix exists.  I tell you now that it does.

Red pill  or Blue pill – your choice now!

The nativity of Barack Obama’s birth is problematic because it took far too long to get a birth certificate released to the public, why?  The contradictory information about this man’s birth certificate alone is unbelievable.  Charges, explanations to counter those charges, it is just too tempting to walk away, but liberty demands responsibility from it’s citizens and that is work.  The original complaint about the first birth certificate, the “short form” or “Certification of Live Birth” released in 2008, was that even the state of Hawaii considered it to be a secondary birth certificate and inferior to the “long form” “Certificate of Live Birth.”  At the time it was not even acceptable as proof of native Hawaiian status. Then suspiciously about five months after Obama was elected and state officials started to experience intense scrutiny about the legitimacy of Obama’s birth documentation, the policy was quietly changed.  So all of a sudden, this short form “Certification of Live Birth” was just as good as the long form “Certificate of Live Birth.”  My goodness isn’t Barack Obama special, but then I am sure he knows that! Sher Zieve, 27 April 2011, Canada Free Pressand 7 Aug. 2009, WND

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands accepts both Certificates of Live Birth (original birth certificate) and Certifications of Live Birth because they are official government records documenting an individual’s birth. Department of Hawaiian Homelands

The information provided on the “short form” or “Certification of Live Birth” is far less detailed than information included on the “long form” document. Below are two birth certificates issued from the state of Hawaii. Birth certificate (A) personal information redacted is a valid birth certificate issued to an individual in 1963. Take a good look. 



The Certificate of Live Birth provides very specific information about the person’s birth besides just their full name and date of birth.  It should also include the number that refers to the document, the name of the hospital, the parents names, birthplace and ages, race, the size of the baby and at least the attending physician’s signature.  Now take a good look at the Birth Certificate (B) published by Barack Obama’s campaign handlers for the 2008 election. If you were a business person and you had to hire someone and this is the only document that the individual could give you to prove his/her identity, which one  (if any) would you choose?



We are talking about the President of the United States here, the Commander in Chief who wants to revive the military draft and has already sent our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives to fight and die in Afghanistan under rules of engagement’that favors our enemies.  Is it too much to ask for credentials that can even prove citizenship, because let us be clear, document (B) is not good enough.

As revealed in an article, 18 July 2009, Western Center For Journalism,  in the early 60’s there were four different ways to obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate.  I also provide a link of more detailed information in my Library section.  At that time the state of Hawaii was known to issue Certifications of Live Birth for those born inside the State of Hawaii, outside of the State of Hawaii, and even outside the USA altogether, if even one of the parents was a  native of, or resident in, the State of Hawaii, nor was late registration ever a problem.  Then in 1982, the vital records law was amended to create a fifth kind of “original birth certificate”.

Under Act 182 H.B. NO. 3016-82. Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that the proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

Another charge was made that the 2008 birth document was a digital forgery and lacked the stamped seal of the state. This led to a demand that Obama release his “original” 1961 birth certificate, which dragged on for three more years, again why? Janice Okubo from the Hawaiian Department of Health explained.

The longer form “Certificate of Live Birth” was no longer issued after 2001, when birth records were put into electronic files for consistent reporting, so both short-form and long-form paper certificates no longer exist.Watanabe, June (June 6, 2009). “Born Identity”

Yet, she still proclaimed,

We don’t destroy vital records. 

This statement was further endorsed with a very cleverly hedged and guarded/”lawyered” statement by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, 

I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008, over eight months ago.  28 July 2009, USA Today

The reason that this statement by Dr. Chiyome Fukino is misleading is because she said that, 

I have seen the original vital records maintained on file verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen.  

She did not say that she had actually seen Barack Obama’s original birth certificate, she said that she saw the original vital record and that could just be a number assigned to a name, not the document itself. Furthermore, her so called verification of his status as a natural born citizen is nothing but opinion.

For more information about Dr. Fukino click here.

Joshua Wisch, a spokesman for the Hawaii Attorney General’s office, stated in 2011, 

The original “long form” birth certificate described by Hawaiian officials as a “record of live birth” kept in the archives of the Hawaii Department of Health is a Department of Health record and it can’t be released to anybody, including Barack Obama. State law does not authorize photocopying such records. 4 Nov. 2011, Michael Isikoff, NBC News

Now I can understand that the state of Hawaii may not release an original document but their refusal to allow it to even be reviewed by anyone other than these particular state officials does not make sense.  A president is a historical figure and sooner or later primary sources will be checked. Do they really think that these doubts about Obama’s status will just disappear? Furthermore, Hawaii does not authorize photocopying vital records such as birth certificates? Why?

When I asked for a copy of my birth certificate from the state in which I was born, it was not a problem.  I believe in states rights and every state has a right do some things a little differently but common sense guidelines must be in place. Hawaii state officials say that their policy is to distribute the same flaccid form of birth certificate as was issued to the Obama campaign in 2008, to all those with eligible requests. It now appears that because of the many ridiculous issues surrounding Barack Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate, one of his legacies will be the loss of respect for a birth certificate from Hawaii altogether. 

Finally, on April 22, 2011, Barack Obama authorized his personal counsel Judith Corley to request a waiver of policy on computer-generated documents. Three days later Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) approved the request and claimed to witness the copying process and composed a letter of authenticity for the copies released. However, a recent discovery of information uncovered after her death, reveals yet another interesting aspect to Obama’s questionable identity that connects Fuddy to Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, through the Subud cult in Indonesia.

On 27 April 2011, the President’s long form birth certificate was ready for public review.  It took three years of nagging but those who care about the little details of the person responsible for the security of our nation were finally satisfied. That is until Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona and his volunteer investigators concluded that the document was a computer-generated fake. Multiple experts in graphics software have written and filmed their explanation of the evidence that President Obama’s released birth certificate is an obvious forgery.


Not to worry. Though they never really examined the document in question, Nathan Goulding, chief technology officer of the National Review and Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and Adobe-certified expert to the rescue.  Goulding explained “layered components” found in the White House PDF were probably caused by a failure to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner.  Jean-Claude pointed out that the layers cited by doubters are evidence of the use of common, off-the-shelf scanning software — not evidence of a forgery.  He further added,

I have seen a lot of illustrator documents that come from photos and contain those kind of clippings—and it looks exactly like this, the scanner optical character recognition (OCR) software attempts to translate characters or words in a photograph into text. He said the layers cited by the doubters shows that software at work – and nothing more. When you open it in Illustrator it looks like layers, but it doesn’t look like someone built it from scratch. If someone made a fake it wouldn’t look like this.  Some scanning software is trying to separate the background and the text and splitting elements into layers and parts of layers. During the scanning process, instances where the software was unable to separate text fully from background led to the creation of a separate layer within the document. This could be places where a signature runs over the line of background, or typed characters touch the internal border of the document. I know that you can scan a document from a scanner most of the time it will appear as one piece, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no software that’s doing this kind of stuff, it’s really quite common. I’d be more afraid it’d be fake if it was one in piece. It would be harder to check if it’s a good one, if it’s a fake. Jana Winter, 29 April 2011, Fox

So just when enough doubt had been raised to benefit Obama, the case goes to a  New Jersey court and an argument is raised about Obama’s legitimate right to be on the state ballot for the 2012 election. According to Mario Apuzzo, lead attorney for the plaintiffs Ted Moran and Nick Purpura, documents were presented to the court that clearly raised questions about Barack Obama’s identity. 

I called Brian Wilcox to testify as an Internet image expert. Mr. Wilcox was going to testify on how the Obama April 27, 2011, long-form birth certificate has been altered and manipulated either by computer software or by a human or both, producing a forged documents, and that since the image is not reliable, we need to see the original paper version. Obama’s lawyer objected to my proffered testimony. I then offered that I would not need to have Mr. Wilcox testify, provided that Obama stipulated that the Internet image of his birth certificate could not be used as evidence by either Judge Masin or the New Jersey Secretary of States and that he presented to the court or the Secretary of State no other evidence of his identity or place of birth. Judge Masin also asked Obama’s attorney whether she would so stipulate. She did so stipulate, agreeing that both the court and the Secretary of State cannot rely on the Internet birth certificate as evidence of Obama’s place of birth and that Obama has produced no other evidence to the court regarding his place of birth. 10 April 2012, Mario Apuzo 

So without actually admitting that Obama’s online birth certificate was a fraud, Alexandra Hill, attorney for the respondent, tellingly did not dare defend it as legitimate either. Yet, through her stipulation Ms. Hill did infer that the Internet image of Barack Obama’s birth certificate was indeed a forgery. Since both parties had agreed that the document was “unreliable” because of the possibility that it had been “altered and manipulated” it could not be presented as evidence to support the President’s identity or place of birth to either the judge Masin’s court or the Secretary of State.

Then to distract away from Mr. Arpuzo’s request for the “original paper version” of Obama’s COLB, she objected to the proffered testimony of Mr. Wilcox and very cleverly changed the subject.  By inserted the word “petitioner” in place of “candidate”  the argument moved away from constitutional requirements that define presidential candidate’s eligibility, to one of state requirements that allow any name, even “Mickey Mouse” to be placed on a primary ballot as totally open and without need of any valid documentation. Furthermore, Ms. Hill, argued that it should not disqualify Barack Obama from appearing on the November ballot.  Then she tried to dismiss the suit because, while the U.S. Constitution limits the office of president to only those who have a “natural born” citizenship status, New Jersey law does not require a candidate to furnish proof of his or her status.  

In conclusion, Deputy Director and Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin ruled that Obama’s place on the ballot could not be removed by challenge because Obama, as president, automatically appears on the ballot and without his consent. Thus, Obama cannot be held immediately responsible for proving his eligibility. Mario Apuzzo, and Tea Party members filed an exception and the matter was passed along to New Jersey Secretary of State Kim Guadagno who obviously passed Obama with flying colors.  

Now I want to make an update to my original article when I introduced Dr. Ron Polland as the computer expert who confessed to creating both the “short” and “long form” birth certificates that the White House tried to pass off as authentic. Jerome R. Corsi, 9 August 2011, for WND.  At the time that I found him, Dr. Polland listed his credentials as follows:

PhD. in Instructional Systems with a focus area in Instructional Media; a dual-program Masters in Educational Research with a focus area in statistics and in Psychology with a focus area in School and Counseling Psychology.  

Yet, there is a little more to this story.  Dr Polland, aka “Polarik” completed a comprehensive research investigation into the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate and many people have found his results convincing.  In fact, his series of exhaustive research videos in, “The Obama File” provides evidence that everything we have been told about Barack Obama is a lie. He proves that even though some actors involved may be well meaning but naive in their participation, others are not.  His work delivers strong evidence that a conspiracy to create and sell a false identity narrative of President Obama to the American people has been committed. has been selected by The United States Library of Congress for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials.  This in depth particular part of the Obama File is a must read and it is linked in my Library section. However, now Dr. Polland has been challenged and I do find some arguments raised worthy to note, but not so compelling that I can dismiss Polland’s claims, nor complain about the quality of his work.

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Unfortunately, sometimes I must check in with the ‘dark side’ the Obots who like to trash anyone who questions Barack Obama’s citizenship status or constitutional eligibility to serve as POTUS. Most of the time all I find are pitiful efforts to discredit those they see as trouble makers for their “great leader.”  Yet once in awhile I come across something that in all fairness must not be ignored, such is the case with Dr. Polland.

Loren Collins is an attorney from Atlanta Georgia, and registered Libertarian, who runs a very anti-question-Barack Obama’s-birth-story blog called One would think that a Libertarian would be interested in the truth, where ever it leads. Anyway, Collin’s blog is dedicated to protecting Barack Obama’s birth certificate from controversy and by doing a little homework he revealed these facts about Dr. Polland. 

He received a BA in Psychology from Florida State University in 1970, a Masters in Educational Research from FSU in 1972, and a Doctorate in Instructional Systems from FSU in 1978. So he does have the educational degrees he named in his anonymous declaration, but he does not hold the other degrees he has claimed: a Masters in Statistics, a Masters in Experimental Psychology, and a Doctorate in Experimental Psychology. Additionally, the proper title for his doctorate is Instructional Systems, not Instructional Media.

Ok, point taken, but the only significant charge made was to Polland’s level of expertise with concern to computers and scanners. Now we all know that formal education is only part of our journey in this life, experience is another very important factor.  Yet, Collins continues to declare. 

As is readily evident from his C.V., his education, and his work history, Polland/Polarik has no discernible expertise in computer forensics, digital imagery, or document examination. His trade is in statistics and surveys. He has no degrees relating to computers or technology. He is not a computer expert; he has used computers. He is not a scanner expert; he has used scanners. At best, he is an amateur photography buff. He may have a doctorate, true, but it is in a field wholly unrelated to computer technology. Nor does he qualify as an expert in the field in which he was attempting to provide expert testimony. Polland would never survive a Daubert challenge. 29 July 2009, Barackryphal 

So after trying to trash Dr. Polland’s credentials, he then refers to Dr. Neal Krawetz, who holds a Bachelor’s in Information Science, and a doctorate in Computer Science as a voice with real authority on this issue. In his article on the Hacker Factor blog titled “The Afterbirth.” Krawetz wrote:

Before I begin, I need to point out two critical items for this evaluation. First, digital document analysis can detect manipulation, but it cannot determine whether the original subject is authentic. The authenticity can only be determined by the State of Hawaii, and they already said that it is authentic.

Second, we don’t know the history of this PDF document released by the White House. Specifically, we don’t know who scanned in the paper document and turned it into a PDF document.

Now, on to the analysis to determine whether there is anything funny with the PDF document released by the White House…

The document released yesterday contains a signature at the bottom because it is a re-release. As I understand it, most states only issue two “original” birth certificates: one goes to the parents, and one goes to the state. If the parents lose their original, then the state can issue a certificate but not another original. (The states won’t give up their original, and the phrase “another original” defeats the purpose of “original”.) However, Hawaii made an exception at the President’s request and re-issued a new original. Make no mistake: this new document is an original, even if it was not created on the day he was born.  

(Make no mistake: this new document is an original, even if it was not created on the day he was born?)


Dr. Krawets continues:

This document itself appears to be a photocopy of a document that was created on his birth. You can see the left edge bending and having an acceptable drift. It appears to have been scanned onto official thatched paper, and then it was rubber-stamped, signed, and dated with the current date. Again: nothing suspicious.

Moreover, this document contains all of the same information found on the previous form, released nearly three years ago. Neither Obama nor Hawaii have changed their story. Everything is consistent. There is nothing suspicious.“The Afterbirth” The Hacker Factor

Oh dear, where to begin, Dr. Krawetz correctly points out that digital document analysis can detect manipulation, but it cannot determine whether the original subject is authentic” and that has been one of the chief arguments from the very beginning. Furthermore, the authenticity of this document as determined by officials from the state of Hawaii has been a serious part of the problem here. As reported in on 24 May 2012, in the Washington Times, an issue arose concerning the “Verification of Birth” letter sent by the Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett.  At first a problem arose when Onaka failed to respond to a fundamental question raised by Mr. Bennett in a March 30, 2012 letter to Hawaii Department of Health officials:

Whether or not the image of President Obama’s “long form” Certificate of Live Birth, posted on the White House web site on April 27, 2011 is a “true and accurate representation of the original record in your files”.

Though It is Alvin T. Onaka’s  signature that appears on the “Verification of Birth,” as well as the copy of President Obama’s COLB released by the White House, he refused any verbal acknowledgement to back that signature up.  Furthermore, Onaka refused to talk to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Ariz.) Cold Case Posse investigator Mike Zullo.  As a result, on 1 March 2012, the Cold Case Posse announced that they had reason to believe that probable cause existed that the image posted on the White House website was a forgery.  Then on 22 May 2012, Onaka signed another “Verification of Birth” but also included this statement: 

I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached with your request matches the original record in our file. 

This is the part that becomes confusing, because the question raised here is that even though an “official birth certificate” has been provided on request it will certainly not be the original document created at the time of birth, but it should still feature the Secretary of State’s seal confirming that the same “information” that would be found on the original birth certificate record is accurately reflected. 

During a forgery investigation, certifying “information matches” does not address the central and entirely separate issue of whether a suspicious document is a true copy of an original document. The question remains if a forgery can contain information similar or even identical to that contained in an authentic document, yet still be a forgery. 24 May 2012, Washington Times

So even the testimony of Dr. Kawetz cannot put the entire issue of the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate at rest, because as he stated earlier,

We don’t know the history of this PDF document released by the White House. Specifically, we don’t know who scanned in the paper document and turned it into a PDF document.

Consequently, even though Ron Polland may not be the recognized “expert” on digitized documentation in comparison to Neil Krawetz, his claims still cannot be disregarded either. However, one challenger, a Dr. Conspiracy (please, just go with it) has presented credible observations in his article “Polarik punks White House“? to raise some questions about Dr. Polland’s work; Yet, just like Dr. Krawetz, neither one has really presented any solid evidence that can totally discredit Dr. Polland’s claims, close the case and save Barack Obama from further investigation.  Clearly problems exist and I have been troubled for some time by excuses from state officials in Honolulu with regard to Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Policies and procedures always seem to change whenever this president needs some kind of protection from discovery. 

Consider the story of Virginia Sunahara, a little girl born on the very same day as was Barack Obama, but little Virginia died the next day. No birth certificate for her has been located, which has lead to speculation that her birth certificate could have been the source of Obama’s.  Some have speculated that if Obama’s birth records were forged, the perpetrator most likely used Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate number, confidant that the family of a long dead infant would unlikely find out about it or complain.  Here are the facts: 

  • Barack Obama was born at 7:24 p.m. on 4 Aug. 1961, and was given No. 151-61-10641, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 8, 1961. 
  • Virginia Sunahara was born at 9:16 p.m. 4 Aug. 1961, and was given No. 151-1961-011080, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 10, 1961.
  • Susan Nordyke was born at 2:12 p.m. on 5 Aug. 1961, and was given No. 151-61-10637, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.
  • Gretchen Nordyke was born at 2:17 p.m. Hawaii time on 5 Aug. 1961, and was given No. 151-61-10638, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

So the facts of these events beg the question as to how these numbers can be so out of order. Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate number is some 440 numbers higher than the Nordyke twins’ and Obama’s birth certificate, even though Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate was filed with the Hawaii registrar two days after Obama and one day before the Nordyke twins.  Furthermore, inclusion of the full year “1961” in the Sunahara birth certificate violates the pattern seen in the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates and in Obama’s, where the year is represented only by two digits “61.” 

Duncan Sunahara, the brother of a baby sister that he never really knew, should have had “standing” to inquire about the curiosity of Virginia’s birth certificate. So the Hawaii Department of Health released a short-form certificate of his sister’s live birth with the number 151 1961-011080,  to him. However, when he requested that they allow him to witness the production of a direct copy from the long-form birth certificate supposedly held in the agency’s vault, he was denied. Of course his purpose was to find out if the birth certificate number on the short-form computer-generated certificate had been forged with an altered number to create the impression that the HDOH in 1961 did not number birth certificates in the order in which they were filed, but so what! If such was the case and the HDOH in 1961 issued birth certificates randomly, or by a logic other than chronological order of birth then Obama’s number as higher than those of the Nordyke twins could be explained, so why wouldn’t the HDOH want to prove that such was what likely happened and put the matter to rest?

Now I present a fine example of a famous foreign born individual who obtained and for awhile found useful a Hawaiian birth certificate.  Yes, even Sun Yat Sen, founding father of the Republic of China, had one. His birthplace was the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan County (now Zhongshan City), Guangdong Province. However, in March 1904, while residing in Kula, Maui, Sun Yat-sen obtained a Certification of Hawaiian Birth, issued by the Territory of Hawaii, which stated that,

He was born in the Hawaiian Islands on the 24th day of November, A.D. 1870. 

In an article published in The Honolulu Star Bulletin, on 16 March 2000, by A.A. Smyser “Sun Yat-sen’s Strong Links to Hawaii”.

It was here (Hawaii) that I came to understand what modern civilized governments are like and what they mean.  Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, 1910

Yet, later he renounced his Hawaiian birth after its purpose to circumvent the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was served. Official files of the United States show that Sun had United States nationality, moved to China with his family at age 4, and returned to Hawaii 10 years later.

Perhaps there would not be so many doubts about Obama if it were not for other numerous factors such as the Breitbart News discovery of a 1991 promotional pamphlet published by the President’s former literary agency Acton & Dystel, which proclaimed that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”  So for 16 years, Obama was listed as being born in Kenya on the Dyster & Goderich pamplet and no one ever complained or ordered a correction until April 2007. Then just two months after Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency, Miriam Goderich, now with Drystel & Goderich Literary Management, issued a press release in response to discovery of the pamphlet:

This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me — an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more. 18 May 2013, Dylan Stableford, ABC News

Who believes this ridiculous answer? Well I guess the MSM does and they expect the rest of us to be as stupid and gullible as they are. At least Dylan Stableford of ABC News suggested this revelation to be evidence that Obama’s public persona has been presented differently at different times.

Here is a fine example of journalistic intelligence and integrity in America today.  Host Kitty Pilgrim pretends to be objective as she moderates a Faceoff segment on the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. With John Avlon, Alan Keyes and Orly Taitz..

  • Alan Keyes presents his case very succinctly as some moron cackles with laughter in the background.  
  • Orly Taiz presents a very compelling fact that Kitty Pilgrim, John Avlon and Errol Louis totally ignore. Instead John Avlon and Errol Louis go on a vicious attack, because they have no interest in the truth.  
  • If Kitty Pilgrim wanted to do justice to this issue she would have set more time aside for this debate and at least tried to show some professionalism in her approach.  

However, this is typical of how so many “professional” journalists have covered the Obama story over the last five years, they let Snopes, FactCheck, PolitiFact and Politico do their work for them. Who says these four organizations are politically neutral! The MSM in the United States today is a national disgrace!  

Even Bill O’reilly is an idiot here, but maybe he is right, if no one really cares that the President of the United States is not even a citizen of this country, then maybe we deserve the gulag that is coming. 

If you think that I am kidding, then check out this video by Mark Dice taken at a beach boardwalk in southern California, such apathy and stupidity is unbelievable and shocking!

Since June 2008, more than 80 lawsuits have been filed to obtain any records that could backup Obama’s official lifeline narrative, but the president has spent almost 2 million to keep them hidden. Now we have three more fraudulent birth certificates surfacing in the state of Alabama. Barack Obama has also been linked with at least three other names, social security card questions, passport issues and now as of a few days ago Sherif Arpaio has uncovered a problem with Barack Obama’s selected service registration card.

Enter new evidence to support the rumors that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, the British National Archives, show a son born to Obama Sr. in 1961.  

Since our president is the only son listed as born to Obama Sr. between 1960 and 1963 it is reasonable to conclude the obvious, that our president may indeed be that child.  18 Jul. 2012, Dan Crosby, The Daily Pen

This article by Dan Crosby, of The Daily Penn is very interesting but he offers no documentation to back up his claims. He alleges that,

While the documents were once freely available, after Hillary Clinton made a visit to the BNA in 2009, the BNA changed its policy, and refused to allow anyone access to the documents. They now had “privileged” status. 

In addition he provides detailed information about how the records can be found in the BNA, which is far too much to lay out here.  Yet, Mr. Conservative rightly points out in his analysis of this article that, 

The above narrative is an intriguing one. However, because it’s based solely upon one man’s claims about official documents that he saw, but neither photocopied nor photographed, it has no evidentiary weight. It’s just . . . interesting.

In the absence of credible documentary evidence, the most intriguing argument Crosby makes has nothing to do with alleged Kenyan birth certificates, and a great deal to do with the fact that Obama, Sr., although apparently anxious to remain in America, made no mention of an American wife or child. That is a head-scratcher. It indicates either that Obama, Sr., did not have a wife or child (blowing to pieces Obama’s political narrative about having one foot in Africa and one in America) or it means that Obama, Sr., even if he had a baby, did not have an American anchor baby.

The above is not proof of anything. It does indicate, however, that there are inquiries still to be made about a man who, at every stage in his life, has concealed or lied about himself and his origins. Considering that America handed this man the keys to the kingdom, it’s very disturbing how little we actually know about him, including whether he met the most basic qualification for becoming president of the United States.  16 May 2013, Mr. Conservative

One resident who lived in Hawaii at the time that Barack Obama was supposedly born, made a very interesting comment on CBS News.  

It’s a big leap from running into Obama’s father on campus and knowing details of this birth. Especially since Barack’s father was the first papolo “black” person in the 60 year history of UH Manoa at that time to attend grad school. Hence would have attracted lots of looks and attention on campus, none the less having a pregnant white wife. Neil Abercrombie being a lifelong self promoter and attention seeker would have naturally gravitated to Mr. Obama Sr.

This comment “I was here when he was born” is worthless as you were not present at Mr. Obama’s birth. I doubt also that you can swear under oath that you had ever visited the house Mrs. Obama, your “buddies wife” supposedly lived in on Kalaniana’ole Hwy near Hawai’i Kai.

The two separate birth announcements appearing in the local newspapers, The Honolulu Advertiser and The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, in 1961 needing further clarification. That the two newspapers were operating out of the same building at 605 Kapi’Olani St. That more than likely, the State Dept. of Health, in 1961 was not prepared to deal with a birth where validity was in question. The list of babies being printed prior to amending with Barak’s named stricken from the list. The only public and rather flimsy record contemporaneous to the time being offered to the public.

Who were the doctor(s) and nurse(s) at Kapi’Olani that delivered Barack? My ex-wife worked at the hospital and I understand the records at Kapi’Olani are impeccable. Where are the foot prints? What public records exist that can even demonstrate that Mrs. Obama was even at Kapi’Olani on the day of Barack’s birth? Talk at Kapi’Olani, would have been unabashed, the city of Honolulu at the time very racist towards black people. Even up until the early 1990’s, as CEO of a local electrical contracting company was not allowed by my company president to employ black people. A practice that was common place at the time.

The USA and world painting a revisionist history and falsely romantic interpretation and understanding of race issues in Hawai’i. That from post WWII, racism in Honolulu was ramped and far from subtle, stemming from general distrust for non “locals” and in particular, negatively effecting people of white and black accessory arriving from abroad. Public racist statements in the 1980-90’s by Haunani Trask, a tenured professor from the University of Hawai’i openly tolerated as being justifiable. Having once held a Hawai’ian real-estate license in the 1980’s, encountered racism frequently, all a social norm at the time.

How did Barak’s mother get to the campus living so far from Manoa? An acquaintance of mine lived only 1.5 blocks from where Obama’s mother supposedly live on Kalaniana’ole Hwy near Hawai’i Kai. An expensive neighborhood behind Paiko lagoon and odd location for an impoverished mother and supposed UH student to live.

A fiance of mine, father built the subdivision in Niu Valley, and nieli “nosey” mother would have known in 1961-1962 if a black child lived in the area. A black child not associated with the military. Barack’s birth more than likely the first hapa black/white to be born in the state that year off base, if not the first ever recorded.

In low density Hawai’ian neighborhoods, the birth of a child is as much a neighborhood event as it is family. Curiosity held by the “local” ladies would have been insatiable. All would have made or gave gifts for the new baby, if for no other reason than to see this new born, regionally unique child. I haven’t heard a single story about how someone gave this gift or that gift to the new mom or baby. Who were his local “aunties” that cared for the newborn?

Who were these mystery people in Honolulu whose identities and kindness still have yet to be revealed and openly appreciated by Mr. Obama? Let’s be honest, a real and salacious story of this nature would not have been missed by a local Honolulu production team, Hollywood or the Discovery Channel. Yet to date, nothing of substance, detail and evidence like some sort of immaculate birth. The loudest Obama supporters like Mr. Abercrombie calling for the whole sale dilution of the Presidential vetting process.

Probability being that Mr. Obama is perpetrating the single greatest fraud ever enacted upon this country since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A product of the people on the mainland knowing little of the unique culture, demographics in Hawai’i and absurd nature of Mr. Obama’s claim backed by unscrupulous and or naive people. The only possible fraud remaining, that Mr. Obama could do at this point, greater in magnitude and scale, would be to try and have a team reenact this supposed birth at Kapi’Olani Medical Center. For to do so would definitely fall under the RICO Act, if not so already. high_energy_laser January 11, 2011

Residents who know something about Hawaii and it’s culture can understand just how likely the truth of these words are. To conclude my examination of the COLB posted on the White House website in 2011, one other very serious problem jumps out to those with eyes and brains to detect lies.  The address listed at the time of Barack Obama’s birth is:

6085 Kalanianaole Highway

A Honolulu title search documents that 6085 Kalanianaole Highway was purchased in 1958 by Orland Scott Lefforge, a University of Hawaii professor, and his wife Thelma, who remained owners and lived there into the 1970s.  At that time Professor Lefforge had 3 children all under the age of 7 years old.  Is it possible that the Lefforges could have taken in the young unemployed pregnant couple? Perhaps. but unlikely.  At that time one of the children was 6 years old, certainly old enough to remember the Obamas.  However, no interviews are available with any family members concerning this matter, which is strange on a small island. Conveniently, Orland Scott Lefforge died on 4 July, 2007 and Thelma Young died one year later on 28 June 2008, during the 2008 presidential election campaign, well they were in their 90s, not exactly unexpected. Thelma’s last name changed because along the way she and Orlando divorced, both remarried, outlived their spouses and in their final years got back together.  For more information click here.

WND hired Jorge Baro an in-house senior investigator for Elite Legal Services, LLC, Royal Palm Beach Florida to look into questions related to Obama’s birth narrative, for more information click hereWhat we do know is that a neighbor Beatrice Arakaki (6075 Kalanianaole Highway) who has lived at that address since before Obama was born had no recollection of a black child born to a white mother staying with the Lefforge family and has testified that,

Obama, his mama, and his papa never lived there. 

Furthermore, why wouldn’t the couple stay with Stanley Ann’s parents, who at that time were listed at: 

2277 Kamehameha Avenue

Now I know that Ivalee Sinclair, widow of Honolulu obstetrician David Sinclair has declared that the doctor’s signature on Obama’s COLB released in 2011 is that of her late husband.  I wish that I could believe such is the case but with everything else considered, I can only conclude that it is a forged signature.  Obama needs to release all documents that people have been screaming about for the last five years because his so called birth certificate is not enough, in fact it only works against him.  In addition to the argument of Barack Obama’s place of birth, there remains one other point of contention with his ineligibility to hold presidential office.  Under Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution. The founders determined that future presidents must be born to two parents who are both U.S. citizens. Clearly then, the place of Obama’s birth is merely one concern, while the citizen aspect of his parents remains another. For more information concerning this matter, please see my other article “Barack Obama, The Illegal President“.

So who are these people?  Viral since Oct. 2011, this video purports to show first lady Michelle Obama whispering “All this for a damn flag?” in President Obama’s ear during a flag folding ceremony on the anniversary of 9/11.  Is this how deaf people see the President and First Lady?  Maybe we should all take some lip reading lessons.  

Ok, even if we give the First Lady a break, how to explain Senator Barack Obama’s conduct during the National Anthem of a 2007 event, clueless?


In spite of how little we still know about him,  President Obama has begun his second term.  His lackadaisical attitude about reviving the economy was countered by enthusiastic efforts to increase the national debt and pass more legislation on gun control, which failed, for now.  If a person should be judged by what they do and not what they say, then what should we make of our 44th President?  My critique is not so much about Barack Obama as it is the Press, which the general public tends to agree has become more  unprofessional and biased to the Left over the years.  

To counter, Fox News and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, do tend to present a more Conservative and constitutional view, but MSM news organizations are much more prominent.  In fact, in an attempt to silence those who look for answers in the fog of this so called “most transparent administration” some members of the media from both sides of the spectrum often ridicule those who question Barack Obama’s personal history and label them as  “conspiracy theorists,” or racists.

Credit for this clever little video goes to The Porterville Post.

The question does arise, who does the Press serve?  Certainly not the American people anymore, perhaps that is why concerned citizens  like myself and many others are getting involved.  Do they serve big business? The state? We know that news is a business. We understand that reporters and editors must also  earn a living and nothing is wrong with that.  However, generations of news reporters have dealt with this fact of life for over two hundred years and they still managed to perform their duties. Do these people even appreciate the United States Constitution which protects their liberties and guarantees their rights? These days it seems that they do little more than provide entertainment or try to sell us an illusion.  

If to be a patriot now is to be called a ‘birther’, well then so be it. The question is can we trust the press to provide valuable information and insight about our leaders anymore or should we just ignore the propaganda machine it has become? As far as I am concerned anyone who wants to run for public office, especially the presidency should be able to show any basic documentation that “We the People” ask for to back up their personal history time line.  This record farce with Barack Obama is unacceptable and some say he already has one political prisoner, LTC Terry Lakin.  

Major General Vallely: CIA Agents Say Obama Birth Certificate Fake

Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does NOT mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. Theodore Roosevelt, 1918

Every man, who parrots the cry of ‘Stand by the President’ without adding the proviso ‘so far as he serves the Republic’ takes an attitude as essentially unmanly as that of any Stuart royalist who championed the doctrine that the King could do no wrong. No self-respecting and intelligent free man could take such an attitude. (President Theodore Roosevelt, Works, vol. 21, pp. 316,321)

So where was Barack Obama born, we don’t really know for sure but we do know that we cannot assume anything.  We the American people have been deceived.  If the lousy Press in this country had done it’s job in the first place we might have had this information much sooner.  Yet, even this video does not explain everything about who our president is, but it does reveal much about how he was nurtured and the influences that formed his perspective.

Michelle: Barack Obama’s Home Country Is “Kenya” 

Page Break

I am interested in what you have to say, but only comments that are relevant to the article and I think would be interesting to other readers will be posted. Anything you wish to say that is personal in nature please visit my Facebook Page – Liberty Grace Humanity – or contact me at:

Thank You

Sources and Recommended Articles:




Emails Show How Hawaii Stiffed Arizona Secretary Of State’s Birther Investigation

Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility: An Intelligence Investigator’s June 10 Report

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