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May 2018
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This conservative site is filled with compelling stories and news events that have a cultural, political, financial and even spiritual impact on our lives. Anything that promotes and secures individual liberty, cultural enrichment and spiritual renewal will be treasured on this site. Contemporary issues of privacy, human rights, human dignity and media bias are also addressed and appreciated through the traditional views of Republican politics. Libertarian views and Tea Party perspectives are also held in high regard. A fair and open minded attitude with those who hold liberal and progressive views can sometimes be a real challenge for many of us who, but we must try. Consequently, those on the Left are also obliged to reciprocate that courtesy, so that polite discourse may prevail.

Life without liberty is like a body without spirit – Kahlil Gibran

A significant cultural shift within the United States has been driving a swift radical polarization of our society to redefine it’s moral heart and embrace a dangerous collectivist ideology. National identity from a conservative and traditional perspective is aggressively being redefined on hostile progressive terms as hateful, non-inclusive and outdated. More journalists and leftists these days are using the term “neo-Confederate” as an epithet to smear those of us who cherish and speak out for small government accountable to the people and argue against an all powerful federal state unconstrained by the U.S. Constitution. The number of young adults who show disdain for a heritage that their forefathers fought for and died to deliver is heartbreaking. It reveals much about where we as a nation are headed and it isn’t pretty. Once this country was divided between Northern and Southern points of view that finally exploded into a terrible Civil War. However, in our time the antipathy is between the Progressive political Left and the Conservative Right. No argument is being made to suggest that this divide is extreme and violent yet, but many of us do see the storm clouds gathering.

Today, liberty is not defined by the color of one’s skin, but by a growing belief among some that government should provide for all of our basic needs. Progressive social construct is giving way to a more aggressive vision that seeks to separate us from the United States Constitution, a document that for more than two hundred years, has guaranteed U.S. citizens specific rights and protection from a Ship of State that must submit to it. This concept of documented rights that elected officials must swear to uphold and defend as vital to the engine of our government, is something new and unique to the founding of our nation. Furthermore, many argue and I agree with those who do, that the Spirit of God is in the details. Consider that even the Constitution, a simple piece of paper, has little credibility as the cornerstone of our democracy, if those it supports and defends are thought to be anything less than beings made in the image of the God it refers to.

When is government necessary and good and when is it an oppressive force that sucks the joy out of life? When is government a helpful servant and when is it a heartless master? These questions must ignite an interest in all who demand to make their own choices. A benevolent dictatorship is short-lived once it has complete control. One deep well of concern that I will begin to explore this year is the dance between two lethal ideologies, Communism and Islamofascism. On the surface they appear as opposing forces, but their goals have similar characteristics and when their interests align they demonstrate a remarkable ability to work in concert. Further examination reveals a common spiritual source, similar worldview and tactics to achieve desired results, before they separate into hostile camps. What we are dealing with here are two hungry Titans against a sleeping beauty, the West.

As most American’s dream on, the bricks of tyranny are being set in place all around us and very soon we will all live within a new paradigm where freedom of speech does not exist. Freedom of thought will be effectively controlled through social construct and those who don’t want to think will be rewarded. Conformity will be the new virtue. Today many adults are already dumbed down and unable to think critically. The house of perdition rising will be oppressive and it will be global. I will show you what these bricks are and how they work.  This is the serious side of my mission and time is short.  Yet, there is a light in the darkness and comfort for those who know where to find it.

None of us are value free and to be open-minded should not presuppose that we are empty minded. How we are educated and informed are valid components that often generate our perspectives in spite of experience and common sense. We all have something to offer and see the world a little differently. My goal is to find common ground whenever possible, but when it is not, to disagree respectfully. Furthermore, it is important to understand how the food, water and energy supplies work, how to keep them safe, harvest the best value from them and whenever possible, create our own and trade among ourselves. Whenever I come across an idea, product, service or program that I think will benefit my readers, I will investigate and present it to you. Moreover, expect hot topic issues that make life interesting, challenge values and engage the intellect. I want to keep the discussion fun and exciting!


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